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System Maintenance On Select Servers

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Greetings TCH Family!


We will be bringing the following servers down for some system maintenance. This will improve drive throughput and increase overall system performance.


I will begin maintenance one server at a time, and each system will take roughly 5 minutes to complete. Maintenance will begin at 2:00PM EST. I will post notice for each server as it is being worked on.


I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, but you should notice almost double the performance once completed.


Server undergoing maintenance are:









Thank you for your patience during this time frame and I thank you for being TCH Family.

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Utapau maintenance has been completed.


Ithor is the final machine. I will need to check if the raid rebuild that it was performing has been completed before taking the machine down. I will post here when I am ready to do so.

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Ithor will not be able to be completed at this time. It's raid array rebuild is at 35% and I will need to wait for this to complete prior to doing maintenance.


Due to the slow rebuild time, I will put Ithor maintenance off until tomorrow.


Since this concludes today's maintenance, I will close this thread. If you have any issues with your site, please open a ticket at the helpdesk.

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