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Head Guru cries out...


I need some pointers on a good software product. Would like to organize my days a little better and have been using the "post it note" method.


Cheap is better.


Any ideas.


Oh windoze based is prefered.

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This is what I use, and it's totally free! ATnotes! Yeah I know what you're saying.. you're trying to get away from post-it notes!


I really like it though, it has alarms and all kinds of diffrent little things you can set in it.. and yes, it works in Windows. (I use XP Home) :o


Worth checking out for those of us who like to stay a little organized and feel a little over taken with something that has a million and one things I'll never use. <_<

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I usually use my Nokia 8210 to make notes with alarms. That way I'm not dependant on my computer to know what I have to do.


If you want something for windows, these links I found on a quick google search might interest you:




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I use an organizer called Michelle, it responds to voice so i just ask.."Michelle, what did I do with that so and so" or "What was I suposed to do today?" and Michelle tells me.


I dont even have to set any alarms, if i forget to do something Michelle reminds me automatically....usually several times. :)


Sometimes Michelle reminds me to do stuff i didnt know i was supposed to do in the first place...now thats high tech!!

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I have the same one, only her name is Amy

but yea, she reminds me of things I really didn't want to know about :)


Mitch's ATnotes looks good, I am going to try it.

And I will look at the other links too, thanks Raul.


I too need to get organized, or buy stock in 3M the makers of post-its :(

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Here is a little sample of my organizer ..... Tami Ver 1.3


She says: "Doc, what are you looking for in the closet"?

I say: "Nothing"

She says: "Well, it's not in there.....look in the chest in the spare bedroom"!


Now that's having an intuitive program..... :o

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