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Moving Home To A New State

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My family and I are moving from Texas to California in a few months. Driving is probably not an option in summer, so we will move by air, and the things will have to be moved separately.


We have accumulated several items in our apartment. There are light items such as personal electronics and heavy items such as computer, printer, TV, and UPS. Other furniture would have to stay. I am wondering how much does it cost to transport all those, and if I should just throw away/ donate/ recycle/ or sell some things first to reduce the cargo. In your opinion or experience, what things are best "just buy it again when you get there" ?


I am looking for the name of service for this kind of shipping. It is not really Fedex type of service, but something slower and cheaper for bulk volume.


Also, what about transporting cars?




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Depending upon how much stuff you have, you might want to check out this company.

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