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Choosing A Cms


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hello all!

im currently embarking on my "final major project" which is self set, i can do whatever i want basically.


im thinking of doing a site for local people, a whats on type of guide, some form of tourism, thats the background out the way.


i think a CMS would be a great idea, as i can have people rate, comment and things like that.

and over time i want to make it a personal project to promote my local area which i really like.


so far i have looked at a a program called moodle which is education based i could try and tweak it, then i know wordpress, so could use that.


also on the list are others like drupal, and joomala but they confuse the living daylights out of me!


can anyone suggest a CMS system thats easy to install, and use for a person who's new to this kind of thing?


many thanks!


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i was on that this morning and have scribbled a list of possible ones, i fancy making my friends band a site, and obviously hosting it with tch :)

at the moment im installing that moodle to have a play with

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Personally I can't stand CMS as you are then stuck with using whatever modules they have available. One of the moderators on my Lazarus forums is currently using Joomla and has tried Droopal. The only way he could get Lazarus to work with Joomla was by making a new module with an iframe. Tried with Droopal and it totally screwed Lazarus up.

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yeah i dont like them much either but i want a website where there is options for people to comment, and things like caleneders on, also if im making a site for say a local band, a WYSIWYG editor means they can do the updates for say gigs, and not "Bug me all the time"


if you are interested my moodle instalation is http://fdmm.goldielookin.co.uk/moodle/ just having a play, its like "Blackboard" used by educational establishments widely, the open university uses/used moodle

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Hello Maka,

Already I used and I tried some CMS.

In the my friendliest and easy opinion for its use it is Xoops. :)

Easy to understand and to use

Some modules exist to add of simple and easy form.

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Did you create the database in cpanel > mysql first?


Be sure that in MySql you


1 - created the database

2 - created a user

3 -added the user to the database (go back to MySql and find the Add user

select the user and database, and then Add user to database)



Then to connect to the database in a script use:


host: localhost

database: yourCpanelName_databaseName

user: yourCpanelName_databaseUser

password: mypassword


* Note password is just as the password,

do not add the CpanelName to it.

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I just installed Etomite in a new site that I'm working on.


This site will be for writers and aspiring writers to post their works and exchange ideas. I am still trying to decide whether to use a CMS, forum, or Blog as the basic engine for the site.


My original idea was to use a CMS, but the learning curve on the one's I've tried out represents a pretty big hill to climb. So far, Etomite looks pretty straight forward.


I'm most comfortable with phpBB, and could easily set up the site with phpBB2 (phpBB3 if RC1 is released any time soon).


I have a single user Wordpress blog on another site, and really like the way that Word Press works. I'm experimenting with WP on this site too, but I think that if the site grows to a large community, then WP might be more difficult to manage than a forum. (still experimenting and thinking about this one).


Anyway, I'm glad that this thread is on the forum; I'm enjoying reading everyone's suggestions and comments.

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I am trying to get PHP-nuke set up, but got an error:





There seems to be a problem with the MySQL server, sorry for the inconvenience.


We should be back shortly.



is that something I did wrong? I did this once before and can not remember how I did it...


Andy help....please ;) :wallbash: :wallbash:

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Did you create the database in cPanel under the MySQL options? You also have to create a user and assign a password, and be sure to Add the User to the database using the drop down menus in the MySQL section. Also be sure that the database name and user name given in your PHP-Nuke configuration includes your cPanel username appended to the front of the datbase/user name, e.g. cpanelname_dbName.

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