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Pc Suddenly Stopped Working


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my desktop just stopped working, was inserting a memory stick from my phone and the mouse pointer had frozen, and keys began to be non responsive so i couldnt even ctrl alt del


so power off was my only option.


it now sometimes boots up with an almighty noise

or gets to a BIOS screen and, HP as annoying as they could be have set a password, which i dont kno what it is, fantastic. so then it allows me to continue with my boot. only to get a blank screen


it says disc error on some occasions but i cant get the letter of it, as the screen resoloution is screwed and i cant seem to read the full screen.


as i say it was a sudden stop.

im now using my 2 year old acer laptop, which is prone to "click" off when it feels like it :)

any help will be greatfully accepted big time!

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sometimes one, others i dont, i noticed also one of the LEDs on the keyboard was going mad "like a strobe light at a rave party" binking a few short flashes then a long one.

i switched it off then on from the wall as that stopped.


i dont know maybe when i was trying to get the mem stick in the card reader maybe i damaged the pins and they shorted blowing something in some way or another, i did this with an old pc, when the front USB collapsed and shorted blowing the PSU.


i wish computers werent made out of magic and spiderwebs, they break too easily


just had a "facebook" message, a friend seems to think my HDD is shot, just failed, the back of the computer did seem warm when i was looking for the "Main switch" on the back

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please do excuse double postage.


at around 12:40 today i switched on the offending pc, a message came up saying bios details have been re-adjusted.

press F1 to go ahead or leave the PC be.

i let it crunch on.


a little later windows xp loading screen comes up, as i draw a deep breath, slightly longer load time on the "welcome" screen. but it's working.


i think maybe an overheat, since i switched the pc off fully? to me (and im not an expert lol) that seems the logial option


i may invest in water cooling, as the pc is in a bit of a confined space, and occasioanlly switch it off, id say in the last 3 months it has only been of for 48 hours on 2 seperate occasions... maybe it was just a bit "fed up"

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