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hello TCH'ers :)


i just bought myself a Digital SLR camera, and it's all new to me, im really used to "point and click" one thing im trying to work out is for music 'gigs' what is the best setting to use,


night portrait? as its often dark?

sports mode? as they are moving?


or something else.


thanks for any help.


(not sure if this is in the right forum? if not move it, and ill find it again :) )

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Photographing bands is tough because its usually so dark and the performers generally move a lot. To compensate for the movement and darkness you generally have to use a fast lens and high ISO. The high ISO makes the pictures grainy though. Having a fast lens will help a LOT (By fast I mean large aperture) but then its impossible to get the whole band in focus - and fast lenses can be quite pricey.


You're probably better off using night mode if you're using automatic settings but really you're just going to have to experiment. Forget about getting the whole band in focus in one shot if they are spread out at all. The large aperture will make that difficult.


Here's a couple shots I took with no flash, 1600 ISO, f4. I don't have a faster lens so I had to crank the ISO up.


1/25 shutter




This one 1/50 shutter


You can see the graininess - and that's after Paint Chopping it.


I generally don't do this style of photography but if I were planing on doing it more often I'd pick up a faster lens (f1.2 or f1.4).


Good luck!

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I have to agree on using manual settings.

I was disappointed with auto settings for any movement.

So I played with fixed shutter of at least 125th or higher.

In my case I shoot fast moving kittens and puppies and no auto setting worked.

And I do need to use flash as fill light.


Do a lot of playing with the manual settings.

And you may need to adjust the images later in a photo editing program.

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one effect i do love is when you take a motorway (highway) scene, where you get a still shot of the land. but set it to a long exposure and get "lightsabres" off cars :)

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