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Loading Problems... Help!

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OK, this is weird.


About a week ago, my blog (www.isthatlegal.org) began showing big problems on loading -- especially in Internet Explorer (but also, apparently, with other browsers too -- I use Firefox and the problems are slight, but others tell me they're having trouble even in Firefox).


I think it's a javascript problem.


To see the problem, just open up Internet Explorer (painful as that may be) and go to http://www.isthatlegal.org


You'll find that the page hangs on loading, and if you try to scroll down, you get gibberish.


To see a more specific version of the problem, or perhaps an additional one, go to an individual entry: http://www.isthatlegal.org/archives/2007/0...udy_giulia.html


The individual entry page produces the following IE error:

Line: 211

Char: 1

Error: 'document.comments_form.bakecookie.1' is null or not an object

Code: 0

URL: http://www.isthatlegal.org/archives/2007/0...udy_giulia.html

I've looked in all my templates to see whether I can find where this is being generated, but I can't find a thing that looks relevant.


Can somebody help me out here? I'm getting a lot of complaints from readers about slow loading and errors.





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Hmmm. I wish I could help, but I know nothing about JS. I think the 'bakecookie' stuff has to do with the 'remember me' buttons on the comment form, but I'm not sure. I know I've seen that in the comment section of the individual archive template.


I hope you figure it out and if you do, let us know what it was.

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Oh, and BTW, your main page came up fine for me on IE7 based Maxthon. The individual pages were OK, but generated the script error and took a long time to load.

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