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Domain Name Transfer?


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I'm inquiring for someone else, who has a domain hosted by free website. He's ready to expand his site to have more functionality, including forums, but wants to know the following:


1. Does he HAVE to transfer the domain? Or, can he have hosting here, and the domain somewhere else?


2. What is the process for transferring a domain if necessary?



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I'm back! ok - So, we're ready to do the nameserver change. However - to prevent business disruption, he would like to build his site on the servers HERE first, and then do the nameserver change, so that the DNS change points to the new site, and not an "under construction" site.


What's the best way to do this?



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Personally I would:


1) Take a backup of the site on the old server


2) Upload it here


3) Change the DNS


Note that propagation can take up to 72 hours so, customers may see the old site one time and the new site the next time they visit during these 72 hours.

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Yes, but you do not have to change the domain DNS until you are ready with the new site.

Until then the domain will continue to resolve to the current host.


When you have the new site ready,

then change the DNS at your domain register to the ones in the welcome email.

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Answer to question 1...

For instance, say you have a page called page1.html in the “links” directory of your site. The absolute href to this page is http://www.example.net/page1.html. So, you put that link anywhere on any page, on any site and it will always go to that page on the Internet.


Relative links can only link to a page from the same site. The address is always relative to the position of the second file. If you were linking to that same page from a page in the same directory, the href would be just page1.html. If you were linking from your homepage, i.e. in the root directory, the link would read , as you would have to go into the directory first, and then get the file.



Answer to question 2...

That would work as long you don´t point his domain name to that subdomain.

Also, if doing this, I would use the relative linking as described above.

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