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Registering New Urls- Very Fed Up

imaginary number

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hi all


i currently have two hosting packages here with two associated urls (one of which is www.iforgottosay.com).


i had assumed that i could register a new url (www.sknb.co.uk)- park it over one of my doamin packages and then set up mail servers, and a couple of pages, through www.iforgottosay.com/cpanel.


this is something that i have done seemlessly with other domain companies.


thus far i have been told that i have to pay $20 to buy credits and change the dns server to ns39.domaincontrol.com and ns40.domaincontrol.com and then to change the total dns settings (not told what to change them to).


i have done step one- now sknb.co.uk points to godaddy.com ???????


thought i would just copy the settings for iforgottosay.com but it just says that the site is not hosted here ???????


i understand that even the most simple of tasks can be made complicated but this is starting to take the biscuit.


my emails from support seem to be circular in nature- pretty much pointing me to the same faqs and providing the same response.


could someone please advise me as what to do


to be frank $20 to do this is not much more than the cost of yet another domain package- but if i went down that path (not something i really want to do at the stage) would i still have to pay the $20 (none of the other firms have charged me to do this).


hither to i have been happy with this company but this experience is making me regret not going to one of the other companies that i use (which would have been marginally cheaper in the short term and possibly much cheaper in the long term if i have to cough up $20).


Thanks in advance



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Hi Daryl, welcome to the forums :)


To have multiple different domains hosted on one account, you need a reseller account. Then you just set the nameservers to the correct nameservers, and create a cpanel for the account (there is no charge for doing that).


You could park them on your standard account (again there is no charge) but they must all go to the same files, which is not what you want to do if I understand correctly

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thanks andy et al and hi,


if i do opt for the reseller account are there any caveats I need to be aware of??? (or any hidden costs)


1.Will I be able to forward urls with masking eg site1.com translates to whatever.com/site1 such that site1.com/page1.htm points to whatever.com/site1/page1.htm and the url shows as site1.com/page1.htm


2.will i be able to have pop servers for any url i am paying for even if they are registered else where.


3 how seemless will it be to transfer the two sets of space i have with you into a reseller acc. Can i stop paying for them as soon as i start paying for the reseller account??


4. will i be able to setup my own name servers eg ns.mysite.com?


5 slightly off topic but given that i have space in the uk and usa is it possible to set sites as mirrors so that if one iserver is slow the other one can supply the files eg uk server for uk requests and usa for usa


Thanks in advance

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1. You can pretty much do whatever you want with your resold accounts. Given that you can create as many accounts as you want for whatever domains you own, why would you forward anything? Why not just point site1.com to site1.com?


2. Domain registration and hosting are two different things. You register the domain wherever you want and point it to the correct nameservers, create the accounts under your reseller account, and create whatever you want for email addresses, pop accounts, etc. So yes.


3. Open a ticket with the help desk and they can move your existing virtual accounts to be under your reseller account. And you'll stop being charged for the virtual accounts.


4. Included with Standard or Deluxe Reseller packages.


5. Doubt it. Unless you have lots of $$$$$.

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The reseller accounts do just have different bandwidth and disk space between them. The only exception is the branded nameservers which we include with the larger accounts.


Once you have your reseller account set up, PM me about the nameservers on the smaller account, I'll see what I can do.

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