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If A Site Is Being Slandered Online Can Something Be Done?


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What is ‘slander’?

Slander is a spoken defamation. Defamation or "defamation of character," is spoken or written words that falsely and negatively reflect on a living person's reputation


Since a website and an email address is not a living person...



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Besides that, proof is a difficult thing in the world of today. For instance, you may have an IP address stating that the words came specifically from one computer. In a court you would have to prove it was a person who typed it. How can you prove it was not the guy's wife, mother, friend, a burglar, etc? It is an almost impossible thing to do legally. You are better off blocking his IP, installing filters or moderated lists, or launching your own anti-anti-me campaign stating that "It is rumored that blah blah, but it's not true" which can turn some people off. Usually it's just best to ignore them if possible and let them get their kicks with someone who will "fight back".


Of course, it depends on what's being said, does it affect business, etc.

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