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Can't Connect To Server?

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I use Dreamweaver to build my site. Last night I tried to synchronize an update and the synch took about 30 second and then said cannot connect because the server is either down or not accepting connections. I thought maybe it was just a minor issue and went to bed. I just tried it again today and I got the same problem.


I am not even sure what information you guys need. But my internet is working fine, I haven't changed my settings in Dreamweaver for years, and I have updated my website last week with no problems. Any help would be appreciated.

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I am not sure if that halps me or not either. I looked at the settings groovyfish posted but for FTP host she has listed FTP . MyDomain . com and my FTP host is "" should I change it to something else? How did it get changed in the first place?

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