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Importing Text File Into Mysql

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I'm trying to import a txt file, into one of my DBs but I keep getting a "file not found" error.


Sorry if this is a repeat question but I've read all the post I can find on this and I can't seem to get the sql to work.

>LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE '/home/www.mysite.com/public_html/One.txt'
(Gram, doc1, doc2, doc3, doc4, doc5);

I know it has something to do with my infile location but I don't know what it is...in other posts I've seen it as /home/cpanelName/public_html/file.txt


but what is my cpanelName, is it just my user name? If so that doesn't seem to be working any more than putting domain name url as I show above.


Thanks in advance.


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The cpanelname is the name given to you by TCH to log in to your cpanel and ftp. The name are in your welcome email.

Thanks, that's what I thought but my sql is not working from within phpmyadmin.


Below is the full query I'm trying to run. I've set up the table with the 427 columns(yes, that many columns) and the text file is in my public_html folder. I'm going to need to do this for other data as well so if possible I'd like to get it working so I can do it on my own...


>LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE '/home/*****/public_html/One.txt' 
Gram, doc1, doc2, doc3, doc4, doc5, doc6, doc7, doc8, doc9, doc10, doc11, doc12, doc13, doc14, doc15, doc16, doc17, doc18, doc19, doc20, doc21, doc22, doc23, doc24, doc25, doc26, doc27, doc28, doc29, doc30, doc31, doc32, doc33, doc34, doc35, doc36, doc37, doc38, doc39, doc40, doc41, doc42, doc43, doc44, doc45, doc46, doc47, doc48, doc49, doc50, doc51, doc52, doc53, doc54, doc55, doc56, doc57, doc58, doc59, doc60, doc61, doc62, doc63, doc64, doc65, doc66, doc67, doc68, doc69, doc70, doc71, doc72, doc73, doc74, doc75, doc76, doc77, doc78, doc79, doc80, doc81, doc82, doc83, doc84, doc85, doc86, doc87, doc88, doc89, doc90, doc91, doc92, doc93, doc94, doc95, doc96, doc97, doc98, doc99, doc100, doc101, doc102, doc103, doc104, doc105, doc106, doc107, doc108, doc109, doc110, doc111, doc112, doc113, doc114, doc115, doc116, doc117, doc118, doc119, doc120, doc121, doc122, doc123, doc124, doc125, doc126, doc127, doc128, doc129, doc130, doc131, doc132, doc133, doc134, doc135, doc136, doc137, doc138, doc139, doc140, doc141, doc142, doc143, doc144, doc145, doc146, doc147, doc148, doc149, doc150, doc151, doc152, doc153, doc154, doc155, doc156, doc157, doc158, doc159, doc160, doc161, doc162, doc163, doc164, doc165, doc166, doc167, doc168, doc169, doc170, doc171, doc172, doc173, doc174, doc175, doc176, doc177, doc178, doc179, doc180, doc181, doc182, doc183, doc184, doc185, doc186, doc187, doc188, doc189, doc190, doc191, doc192, doc193, doc194, doc195, doc196, doc197, doc198, doc199, doc200, doc201, doc202, doc203, doc204, doc205, doc206, doc207, doc208, doc209, doc210, doc211, doc212, doc213, doc214, doc215, doc216, doc217, doc218, doc219, doc220, doc221, doc222, doc223, doc224, doc225, doc226, doc227, doc228, doc229, doc230, doc231, doc232, doc233, doc234, doc235, doc236, doc237, doc238, doc239, doc240, doc241, doc242, doc243, doc244, doc245, doc246, doc247, doc248, doc249, doc250, doc251, doc252, doc253, doc254, doc255, doc256, doc257, doc258, doc259, doc260, doc261, doc262, doc263, doc264, doc265, doc266, doc267, doc268, doc269, doc270, doc271, doc272, doc273, doc274, doc275, doc276, doc277, doc278, doc279, doc280, doc281, doc282, doc283, doc284, doc285, doc286, doc287, doc288, doc289, doc290, doc291, doc292, doc293, doc294, doc295, doc296, doc297, doc298, doc299, doc300, doc301, doc302, doc303, doc304, doc305, doc306, doc307, doc308, doc309, doc310, doc311, doc312, doc313, doc314, doc315, doc316, doc317, doc318, doc319, doc320, doc321, doc322, doc323, doc324, doc325, doc326, doc327, doc328, doc329, doc330, doc331, doc332, doc333, doc334, doc335, doc336, doc337, doc338, doc339, doc340, doc341, doc342, doc343, doc344, doc345, doc346, doc347, doc348, doc349, doc350, doc351, doc352, doc353, doc354, doc355, doc356, doc357, doc358, doc359, doc360, doc361, doc362, doc363, doc364, doc365, doc366, doc367, doc368, doc369, doc370, doc371, doc372, doc373, doc374, doc375, doc376, doc377, doc378, doc379, doc380, doc381, doc382, doc383, doc384, doc385, doc386, doc387, doc388, doc389, doc390, doc391, doc392, doc393, doc394, doc395, doc396, doc397, doc398, doc399, doc400, doc401, doc402, doc403, doc404, doc405, doc406, doc407, doc408, doc409, doc410, doc411, doc412, doc413, doc414, doc415, doc416, doc417, doc418, doc419, doc420, doc421, doc422, doc423, doc424, doc425, dstar


Thanks for your help


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