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Image Upload Script


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I'm trying to create a page where site users can enter information about themselves and upload a simple image. I can't get any script I've tried to work. I get permissions errors, or other problems that I can't figure out. I have created the proper permissions on the upload directories but that doesn't resolve the problems.


Does anybody know of a simple php-based script for uploading images to the server. I've tried a Google search, and the main hits don't help, as I can't get them to work.


Are any of you using a script that works that is simple to incorporate?



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Oh Bruce! You are my hero-of-the-day™.


Why, oh why didn't I ask you this question before I spent two hours working on this yesterday.


I love this script. It worked perfectly and will be exactly what I need.


Thank you, thank you, thank you. :)

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