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Wordpress Upgrade Via Shell?

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I guess you all have already heard that any 2.1.1 install is potentially compromised...




Anyway, I didn't do any 2.1.1 upgrades, thankfully, but I have several to do, and this seems interesting:




I just don't know to "log into my account via shell." Is that something we're permitted to do? If so, how? Didn't see anything about that in cpanel.


Thanks in advance,



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You don't need shell access to upgrade. Download the current archive and unzip it to your hard drive. Then change into the wordpress folder that was created and create a new zip file of all the files. Upload that zip file to your web space (blog folder). Delete the files stated in the instructions you linked to doing a shell install. Now open File Manager in cPanel, browse to your blog folder, select the zip file you uploaded and extract the contents. Run the upgrade script and you are done.


This is how I do it and I maintain 7 blogs.

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Thanks guys. I know I don't need shell access, I've been running (and upgrading) Wordpress blogs since v1.2-something. The issue is easing the process.


I have a few more blogs than you (12-14 I think), but the number is less important than the configurations. Many use different plugins, themes, some have customized the default theme, it's quite a mix.


I do agree that uploading a single zip file is the way to go, I just started doing that two upgrades ago. But I have to create several different distributions based on the blog I'm upgrading (school, personal, etc.)


Wordpress rules, but, that 2.1.1 breach is a real doozy. Makes you wonder ... and I can't believe my good fortune in not having upgraded to 2.1.1.



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Upgrading a WP blog does not touch the themes or plugins if done properly. You are only replacing Wordpress files.


Remove the wp-admin, wp-include folders and the php files in the root folder (not the wp-config.php file). Unzip the new archive and you are done. Your themes and plugins are stored in the wp-content folder and you don't touch that one.


I can upgrade all 7 blogs in 20 minutes and they are on several different servers.

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