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Phplist - Outstanding!

Lou Sander

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This is a truly outstanding script, once you get it figured out.


It is basically a one-way mailing list program, with abundant features for sending emails, subscribing, unsubscribing, etc. I looked for something like this for six months, but nothing came along. Somebody suggested I try phplist, but I was reluctant to climb a learning curve. But I was desperate for an email list program, so I went ahead.


I used Fantastico to install phplist, then spent several days learning how to get it to work properly, tweaking it to my needs, etc. It's now up and running with a base of about 80 live users. I've tested it extensively with my own email addresses, and so far I'm VERY pleased. (I've written up what I did to get it working. If you want a copy, just ask.)


You can see phplist in action by visiting www.aclacomments.org/lists/ and signing up for one of the lists. The stuff that goes out on them is carefully screened by multiple people, and it's really VERY good. If you don't like it, or even if you do, you can unsubscribe and see how phplist handles the operation.

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I've had some success with Phplist, but have come up with a question or three that someone might be able to answer:


1. Does the "ban" on forwarding email to AOL users include Phplist? I've been trying to subscribe (by having the customer go through the process and adding a name myself to the list) with no success.


2. Is there a way to select only certain names to be sent an email?


3. Without divulging any secrets, how do you get around the TCH sending limits?


I've also had difficulty in customizing my subscription requests, etc., so I'd like a copy of your notes.



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1. I wouldn't think the forwarding rule would prevent AOL subscribers but anything is possible. You can open a ticket with the help desk and ask if that is the case.


2. I have never used phplist but I would assume the answer to be no. You could create a second list.


3. Please do not discuss the limits in the open forums. Use the PM feature of the forum to discuss it with each other. Thanks.

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Oops. I assumed that speaking in generalities without naming names or numbers would be okay. Sorry.


The answer from the Help Desk: "Yes, The ban on the forwarders does apply for the mailing list also. We apologize for the inconvenience caused."


Oh well. The joys of AOL.


As for the question about selecting specific addresses to send email, I'm just trying to avoid making multiple lists and sublists, so maybe someone who uses phplist can help. And I'll keep searching on my own.


Thanks much.

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