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Why Is The Space Between The Thumbnails Different?


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Hi everybody,


Sorry I ask so many questions but this is the fastest way to go. Thanks a lot for all your trouble.



Talking about the thumbnails you can see on the left of the page:




Why in the following page the space between the thumbnails on the left and the thumbnails on the middle is smaller than the space of the thumbnails on the center and the thumbnails on the right? This only happens in IE.


Thanks a lot in advance.



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I think I see what he's talking about, but I don't know what the reason for it might be. Perhaps in the first column of thumbnails, define the cell width, not just the image width? (If I'm reading the source correctly).


And to get technical, Bruce, the space between the left and middle columns is 15 px and between the center and right, its 16 px, according to my MeasureIt extension. *huggles Firefox*


But then again, I couldn't see the difference with my own eyes. :)

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