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Please Add Pattistoll.com To The Family!


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I am herewith requesting that my newest domain and store be added to the Family page.




I am a polymer clay artist and this is my gallery, which is commercial.


I have placed the TCH link front and center, so that it will display pretty much on all pages of my website.


It would be good if you could remove my old domain link, even though it is still active, I am phasing it out. Plus, it no longer has a linkback to TCH.





Thanks so much!

Patti Stoll

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I would need a title for the new site. I see the URL but not a title.

Also, is "I am a polymer clay artist and this is my gallery" the description of the site?


Thomas, thanks for your quick answer. Sorry about not giving enough information. I'm normally too wordy and was trying to keep it brief. Below are the official title and description of the website:



Patti Stoll, Mixed Media and Polymer Clay Artist



Artist, Patti Stoll, makes gorgeous collectible art eggs, unique vases and stem glassware (many featuring Nature Spirits), unusual and fun jewelry and focal beads, wall art and other home decor. Patti is a mixed media artist who combines polymer clay with collage and painting.


Thanks again, Thomas!

Patti Stoll

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