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Weird Problem For One Member


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I recently upgraded my IPB board from 2.1.7 to 2.2.1 and things have gone smoothly with the exception of one member.


Here is a quote from a post she made:


Odd thing is I can see the pics in the photo gallery, and some that folks have loaded into their signatures, but everything that should be a feature on the board (avatars, emoticons, and the tags when making a new post) are all el-reddo.


She's checked settings on her computer and has tried to right click> show picture with no success. She seems to be the only one having problems and only on my forum and only since we upgraded. I think the photos and sigs that she is seeing are linked from photobucket.


Anyone have any ideas?



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This particular member said she's checked her pop up blocker and it's okay. I'm not sure she's agreeable to using a new browser but I'll suggest it. But why would everyone else using IE (like me) not have problems?


I had a few other members saying that they couldn't stay logged in and after some research, found out that I could turn off the "stronghold auto-log for cookies". I did that and it apparently helped those members. I don't suppose it would be the fix for the other problem...that would be way too easy!


Another issue has come up which I think is explained by the ancient '98 OS that this member is using so I doubt there is a fix other than a new 'puter! She can see the board and all of the forums, emoticons, avatars and buttons. She can reply using "fastreply" but when she goes to "addreply" she gets the dreaded:


Windows has encountered a problem and will shut down.


Any ideas on that one?




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