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Ipb Upgrade &

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I'm going to have IPB upgrade my 2.1.7 forum to 2.2.1 and I need to backup the database and important files. :eek:


Even worse than not having a CLUE as to how to go about doing that, I have a freaking SLOW dialup connection so even if I did figure out how to backup anything, it would take days to download large files to my home 'puter. :huh:


Once I figure out what files I need to backup, would it be possible to make duplicate files and store them on my server space via FTP and not download to my computer?


If i can't do it that way, I guess I'll just close my eyes & hold my breath and hope the files aren't lost. :tchrocks:

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Once again, TCH provided help and sevices that were not part of the deal! From backing up my domain to holding my hand as I deleted the file after the upgrade was done. I imagine when the tech crew sees my name on the ticket they draw straws to see who loses and has to deal with me. ROFL!


When I was looking for a host, I was looking at several but once I found TCH and this great support forum, my decision was made and for once, I made the right decision!


Thanks again, TCH, for providing the incredible service you do and your commitment to your clients. :clapping:

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