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I Can´t Connect To My New Site...why?


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Propagation can take up to 72 hours (3 days), so this is probably the reason for this. Also to remember during the propagation is that one second you might be able to view it and the next second you can not.

If you got a link for us we could see if it´s viewable from different parts of the world.

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I will wait for a day more. Why doesn´t total choice provide a domain with the dss servers already changed?


Just so you know, this is totally outside the control of a webhost. In order to understand this, you have to understand how the DNS system works. Here is a very brief, very simplified overview:


You register your domain. When you register, you provide the domain registrar with the IP address to associate with that domain name. The IP address is the virtual address of your new website. The domain name is just a masked way of getting to the IP address (since totalchoicehosting.com is easier to remember and use than something like or whatever IP address TCH uses).


Your registrar publishes your masked address (your domain name and IP address combination) into a publicly-accssible database. But all the OTHER ISPs out there have to connect to that database and download the new information. This is called "propogation."


When your ISP hasn't received the updated address information for your new domain, you can't get to it, because your ISP doesn't that "example.com" is supposed to point to "123.456.789.012" or whatever. Your ISP needs to refresh their DNS listing so that you can get to your new domain by typing in your domain.


ISPs are required to update their DNS information at least every 72 hours, which is why it can take that long for it to work (maybe you modified your DNS settings 10 minutes after your ISP refreshed their DNS information). However, chances are usually pretty good that your ISP will refresh their DNS settings before the full 72 hours are up.


Again, this is totally out side the control of a web host (any web host) as it has to do with the way that all the OTHER computers on the Internet connect to each other and share updated address information.


Hope this helps answer your question.

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