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The Death Of The Internet?


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hello everybody


i was looking at videos on youtube and i came across this video talking about big business taking over the net and i have to say i do not approve one bit


here is the url to the video

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I'm going to take that with a grain of salt until I can check out more about it. The problem is that most of those clips are taken out of context. They could be talking about almost anything.


The other problem I had in listening only to 1/2 (time limits right now) is when the guy was reading the paper and said "What did AT&T have to do with the invention of the Internet - nothing"..."What did BellSouth have to do with the invention of the web browser - nothing" Subtle change of question there slick... whoever you are.


I'm gonna research it more but don't panic without doing the research... it may be all a bunch of hooey.

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A couple of other sites I found on the topic:






Here's the way I see it: If some ISP tried to interfere here, or even if a majority of ISPs tried to interfere with the net neutrality concept, there would be a new generation of ISPs who would have a "new" business model of providing a network that supports the net neutrality concept.


I connect from home via DSL. I get my DSL from the phone company, but I still have a choice on who is my ISP. For a long time, I went with a 3rd party ISP. I know that if my new ISP ever did something like the threats in this thread, I could easily switch to a new ISP.


It is an interesting topic, and one that I think merits some attention. But it isn't time to panic, yet, in my opinion.


Hey, if the big telcoms join forces against us, who knows? Maybe TCH will branch out and form a net-neutral ISP. :)




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