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Oh, So There You Are!


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This is just a map based on the first octet of the assigned IP's for the world and where TCH is located on this "map". TCH has IP's in the 72.9.244.xxx range, and the "72" is the location listed on that map. Only us geeks would be interested :)



oops...I just checked an I have a second account on another server and its IP starts with "69" so TCH is probably located on several corners of the block on that map.

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Is it true that if you have hosting by a company with a 4.xxx.xxx.xxx address or lower it

somehow delicated by homeland security to be the 1st grouping that will be restored if there were some catastrope here in the US? I heard this quite some time ago and was wondering if its true? Any one know?


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I don't really know but I am sure Homeland Security would want the Military and the Government to be the first ones up. But this is not how the Internet works, it isn't organized by IP that way.


The Internet was designed to withstand a nuclear attack and has many, many, MANY points of failure. This means even if some routers are knocked out there are a lot of other routers which will be able to route around the ones that have failed. So for the Internet to go "down" and need to be "restored" a HUGE event affecting the whole world would need to happen...and I don't want to be around to see it.

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