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I have a long list of items, and I want people to be able to choose one item and scroll forwards and backwards using the Next or Previous buttons. I would link them mantually with *****/product1.htm ect... But- the order of items on the list may change, so that would require a lot of coding for just one item being added, or taken off of the list. Any ideas? And please describe in some detail so I don't royally mess up. :P Thanks in advance!


While I'm asking questions, anyone know how to code these things?


Reccomend this Site to a friend


Bookmark this Site?


I'm pretty sure it's a javascript code, but I can't seem to find any to work for me.


And just when I thought I was done...

I read in another part of the Forum that TCH likes links , or atleast a "Hosted By" TCH link. Is there a particular format, or just mention it?

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The first two I think can be done in php,

I seem to remember seeing this on one of the sites that have php scripts,

sorry can't remember which one.

But a search through goggle should help.


As to book mark



<script LANGUAGE="JavaScript">

<!-- Begin

if ((navigator.appName == "Microsoft Internet Explorer") && (parseInt(navigator.appVersion) >= 4)) {

var url="http://www.YOURSITE.com";


document.write('<A HREF="java script:window.ext');

document.write('ernal.AddFavorite(url,title);" ');

document.write('onMouseOver=" window.status=');

document.write("'Add our site to your favorites!'; return true ");

document.write('"onMouseOut=" window.status=');

document.write("' '; return true ");

document.write('">Add our site to your favorites!</a>');


else {

var msg = "Don't forget to bookmark us!";

if(navigator.appName == "Netscape") msg += " (CTRL-D)";



// End -->


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I wrote a nifty little script for one of my sites that comes up after someone creates an account. It asks them to refer friends.


Step 1 - How many do you want to refer (none to 6)

Step 2 - However many chosen, that's how many fields come up for first name and email

Step 3- My site emails a short, friendly little message to their buddies that looks like it's from them saying "Hey, I found this cool site. It does such and such. Check it out here... " and so on.


I'd also check out hotscripts to see what they have in this category.


Previous and Next can easily be coded using php... but you have to have the order of the pages pre-set. You can load the pages through an array that's included at the start of the page. That makes it easy to change the order of the pages later.


Hope these ideas help get the creative juices flowing.

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Hmm...well, what's interesting is I'm using Dreamweaver, and it automatically comes up with this script for each ==> Next. (Template)


When I highlight "Next" in the design area, I see this in the link box.


<a href="java script:history.go(-1);">Previous</a>


But when highlight "Previous", I don't see anything for a link.


I'm sure this is terribly basic to some of you, but am I missing something?

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Nope. No reaction. It takes me to a page that it claims 'dosn't exist'. Soo... I thin for now, I'll do the tedious, manual way of actually assigning URLS to the Previous and Next functions until we can get this squared away. I appreciate all of the ideas!

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Hmm.. maybe I'm misunderstanding the Previous Next functions. I have a list of items, and I was hoping users could scroll through the details of the first item clear to the last time by using previous and next functions. But the way you describe it, it sounds as if it will only take you back over pages you have visitied?

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I'm getting the feeling that SGarrett wants some sort of scrolling ability rather than just previous and next buttons that advance (or reverse) by one page at a time.


If this is correct, then all you need is a drop down select box that takes users to the page that they select.

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