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Subdomain Question

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I know that by creating a subdomain, I can access http://subdomain.domain.com, and not http://www.subdomain.domain.com. But If you visit http://www.images.google.com, you're redirected to http://images.google.com.


I was wondering how that works, and perhaps more importantly, whether I could set something like that up to while being hosted here. I tried creating a folder www.subdomain so that when I made it into a subdomain I'd have www.subdomain.domain.com, but that didn't work out too well and I'm out of ideas.


Is there any other tricks I can try?

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Here's an article at another cPanel site explaining how to do subdomains:



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Interesting, mostly greek to me, but hope to learn more.


ADMIN EDIT: This method REQUIRES a private IP for your account to work. Dont even both trying if you dont have one...it wont work

So I guess I am left out.

Thanks Ian.

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A private IP means that your web hosting account has been given its own IP address on your web host server, and that IP address is not shared with anyone else. It has nothing to do with the IP address you use at home to connect to the Internet. Most web hosting accounts share IP addresses. For example, here on TCH the sites cracow.redo.net and wc3.triton-teamice.com both share the IP address along with many other web sites.


A "static IP address" is an IP address that does not change. The term is usually used to describe how your home IP address is assigned. (It has nothing to do with your web host server.) Your home computer can be given an IP address that does not change ("static"), or one that is taken from a pool of IP addresses ("dynamic", usually via DHCP).


Servers must have always have static IP addresses, otherwise, you wouldn't know what address to use to connect to them. Most homes don't run servers, so the home address can be dynamic, possibly changing every time you log in to the Internet.

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