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Looking For A Utility


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A while back I found a utility that would back your files up to a CD or DVD image. I used it a couple of times, but haven't been able to find it since. I thought perhaps someone here might know of something similar to it.


What it allowed me to do was to point to a list of folders (like my MP3 collection) then say what kind of image I want to use (ie DVD/CD). From there it would take all of the files, auto fit them to the size of the media, and then spit out several ISO files.


I used it for my 13gigs of music. I just pointed to the folder, asked for a DVD image, then it did the rest. I just took the image and created a backup of my files.


While I think it was the type of utility that you can run from a USB drive, I am not sure...


Does anyone have any ideas?

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