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Looking For A Code

LF from MC

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Hi, I think this the right place, because I am looking for something.. :D


I'm looking for a code, it's a shortcut key code for 'Next Page' I and others have looked high and low on the Internet. They have everything under the sun, except that one. :P


They do have them for next tab, or next window, and so on, but not Next Page.


It's for a friend that doesn't want to use the mouse to click on the next page, he wants to use the keyboard. Well myself I would just rather use the mouse.


Example, in the forums here, there are Topics that have more than one page, and what my friend wants to do, is use the keyboard to go to the next page, and not have to use the mouse, to click on next, or the page number.


Anyway, I just thought someone here might have seen one, or know of a code for one. If there isn't any to be had, then my friend will just have to use the mouse :wallbash:


Thanks a bunch,



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Many of us that started before the mouse learned keyboard shortcuts and prefer those over the mouse. :blush:

Keeping the hands on the keyboard and not having to use the mouse for things is often faster.


Watching this thread...if someone comes up with a solution I would like it!

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there is also a way to assing a key to a link so that ALT + thekey would activate the link.
Thanks carbonize for your reply. :blush:


The problem is, there's a shortcut key for everything except 'Next Page' not Next Window, but Next Page. If you ever come across it, please let us know.


Thanks for your input Samrc. yes, I understand now, that for some people, it is a lot faster to use only the keys, and not have to use the mouse, and I believe that, because at work, when I'm typing something, I have to stop to use the mouse, so it does slow a person down, even for me, and I'm slow at using the keyboard.



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