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Some Users Can't Access My Website


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i didn't know where this belongs, so it goes here.


i have a non-english lang website, most of my visitors are from Slovakia, Russia, and Ukraine. the site seems to be working fine, it seems like i get as many visitors/hits a day as usual. however, starting last couple of days 2 of my friends (everyday visitors) cannot access the site, as if it was down. One of them in St. Petersburg (Russia), other one in Slovakia.


I was on a ICQ with friend from Russia, and as i could access the site fine, he could not access it from his house, and same for www.totalchoicehosting.com . but at the same moment i asked 2 other people also in St. Petersburg to try it, and they both could accees it w/o problems. Friend in Slovakia called his ISP and they told him that they don't have any problems and they can access my site, and that problem is on my end, that maybe i placed his IP or something on the black list (which obviously isn't the case).


i also didn't have any reports about site being down from uptime monitoring services that i use. so, the site is obviously working. but i was wondering what could cause something like this? i don't know how the hosting business is run, do you guys block certain IPs for whatever reason? maybe its done by mask and my friends' IP got blocked?


i'd appreciate some feedback on this. thinks in advance

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