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Server Build Photos

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This is the build of Backup2. This server is now collocated at our West Coast Data center and has been in production nearly a week. It is used to conduct off server backups for all the servers located at the West Coast DC.


This server weighed 129lbs when it was completed.


It is running a Single Intel Dual Core 5130 Woodcrest Xeon


16 X 500GB Hard Drives forming a 6.5TB fully redundant RAID 5 array

All Supermicro Componets.


Build time was nearly 4 hours. Burn in time was 4 days. ;)








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Hi Jeren,


The short story is that Bill's son is a huge Star Wars fan and so is most of the TCH staff. We tossed around alot of ideas and just liked the thought of using a Star Wars theme. We are using planets at the moment but we may toss in some characters later.

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Yea, from what I just read, looks like we're now on Naboo, too (Poor Server381...).


You know, its a shame SWG can't be set up to play on private servers. I'm sure you TCH guys would love having a private SWG community of your own.


And it'd give you a reason to openly play at work. (Though I would personally prefer a Pre-CU SWG over what is there now...but I won't start any arguments in this thread :) )

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I played SWG from the time it launched up until about 4 months ago. I finally realized that there wasn't anything left to accomplish in the game, I had done everything I wanted to do, and there wasn't any new content for high-level characters scheduled for 6-12 months out. I may go back some day, but it'll probably take a tribe of wookies to get me there.



I moved over to Eve Online, unfortunately I haven't had much time to tinker with that lately either, though.

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I never really had the time to do all I wanted to in SWG. And as they changed the game, it seemed more and more group oriented... and I'm not always a group player. So with my limited time (thanks to college), all I had left for me was a Master Musician/Dancer that I would idle during the day and chat to others with at night. Can't remember the server, but I had named him EricP Clapton. I remember getting quite a few high-end tips from people. For my "fans", I'd occasionally craft instruments and put my name in them. In effect, I gave them signed memorabilia.


Ah...those were the days...somewhat.

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