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Battle Of The Blogs


WP vs MT  

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  1. 1. Which do you prefer?

    • Wordpress
    • Movable Type

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This subject seems to pop up a lot lately, so I figured it was time to put on the gloves and jump in the ring.


The only thing I ask is that you try to play nice and keep it above the belt. For those of you that might ask why just MT and WP, well that's because they are the two most common blogs installed by TCH customers.


Please cast your vote and defend your favorite blog.

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I'm middle of the road in technical skills for people on the interweb, although I'm the most technically savvy person in my office of 40 people and have been a long time, 3+ year, fan of MT on which my primary blog and front end of my website runs: www.DanzFamily.com


MT is more powerful and more customizable. However, I am unable to install, significantly customize or even update MT. I have paid to have all those services done.


Recently, I installed (using Fantastico), modified, customized, and perfected two WP installations, one for a friend and a private one for myself.


WP is irrefutably much easier to install and customize. Accordingly, despite being a huge MT fan, I would have to say that, absent a compelling reason to use MT, one should go with WP.

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personally, I prefer MT because of the multi-user/blog features. (a must have feature for me)

I also prefer to do my own templates, and I have a much easier time with MT's css than WP (yes, I did try to switch...just didn't work out for me)

I've hacked the heck out of the files, templates, etc...and set it up for several friends who are not the most 'tech savy' (to put it mildly)

YMMV, but in my book, it will always beat out WP :thumbup1:

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I've been using Wordpress for about 3 years now. I switched from MT when they went from free to pay.


Ironically, I spent the weekend re-doing my blog.. I've also made a resolution to update it at least a few times a week instead of once every-other-month :)

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Wordpress to be sure. Been using it for 4+ years now, used B2 before. I can't imagine how MT is more powerful, they're both just php on top of mysql databases. But Wordpress seems to be endlessly customizable. It even works well as a CMS.

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Well, currently, I use Expression Engine. And I <3 it. (;


Before I switched to that, it was Wordpress. I just never got the hang of being able to code a layout for it. Made me utterly nuts. On the plus side - there are about 8 bazillion free layouts to be found for it. (=


So, between MT and WP - gimmie some WP, baby!

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So you're saying as a technical savvy guy you can install and modify a Wordpress blog but not an MT blog. Yet you say you are still a huge MT fan. Why?

Nothing like a reply, four months later.


I'd say two primary reasons:


1) Cognitive dissonance. So much about both myself and others became clear when I learned about this concept and how it explains people's apparently irrational thoughts.


2) In using two WP installs and my one MT install, the WP just seems more skittish for lack of a better word. More dropped posts and glitches while editing, it just gives me the feeling for some reason that I'm writing on some AJAX popup instead on "hard" on the screen. I can't explain it well, I just have less confidence in WP. It seems....more flighty, the way the post editor goes back and forth between "visual" and "code" just makes me feel uncomfortable. There's something about the backend performance of WP that is different in a way that I don't' like.

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I was referring to the rich text editor in Wordpress. I changed my post. I don't like that interface either but you can configure WP to not use it which I have since the day they introduced it.

Hmmm...I'll have to check that out. Thanks.

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