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Trouble Coding Search Box


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Assuming that you already know or can get the necessary code for the search form, the visual effect would be done by placing the form in a <div> with the background-image you want.



<div id="srch">

<form> . . . </form>




div#srch { width: [image width]px; height [image height]px; background-image: url(image/reference/here); }


Is that what you mean?

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Doesn't look like you're using the stylesheet. Try adding

><link href="../style.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">

in between your head tags.



Mistakenly forgot about that, but I added it in between the head tags and it still does not work. Search function is working, but no background image showing.

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This doesn't look right to me:


><form method="get" action="http://www.your-TCH-domain.com/search/search.pl">

<input name="Terms" id="fdse_TermsEx" type="text" style="width:98%; border:solid 0; /></td>
			<td width="61" align="right" valign="middle"><div align="right">
			  <input name="submit" value="Search" type="image" src="../../images/search_bottom.gif" />



Note your and

tags. Where is the rest of the table? And the closing tag is before the opening tag.
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