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Hi Guys, first of all, happy 2007!!!


I have noticed a massive increase of the bandwidth used by my site (by the Board mainly): in October it was nearly 3GB, in Decembre nearly 69!!! :)


There is no apparent issue behind this fact. All posts in the Board are the same in number since 8 months, and from October there were only 5 new registered posting users. I am pretty sure we do not need to purchase any additional bandwidth, as in the last 24 months it has been more than the necessary. We have no spam on the site, the registration is approved manually, with lots of mods to prevent spammers.


Looking at AWStats, I noticed that 53.5GB of traffic is due to robots and only 7 by actual users.


What can I do, should I close Board from spiders by HTAccess?


Thank you for your suggestion :)

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