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Photoshop Font Help!


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Hi, im new here!


Right, i've had photoshop for a while, and have just been using it for small things, and just general experimenting. But now, ive got to the stage where i'm bored just experimenting, and want to try things with different fonts etc... but all the fonts already loaded up on photoshop are boring!


I've found a good font website (www.dafont.com) and i've found a font on it that i like, but whenever i try to put it in photoshop it always says that i have the wrong type of document!


I saw on another post somewhere else that you have to put the font in a file called "C:\Windows\Fonts\" for it to work, but i can't find the folder anywhere! I tried to make my own font file, but that didn't work either!


Can anyone help??





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Welcome to the forums Andrew.


C:\WINDOWS\Fonts is the directory, that you put the fonts into.


This is from the page that you put the link to


How to install a font (more)

Windows : Put the font files (.ttf, .otf, .fon) into C:\Windows\Fonts.


Did you click on the word more, it is a link. Also you need to make sure that you load in the correct fonts are downloading them as well.


Which font as an example are you trying to load into Photoshop.

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thanks, i figured out how to put fonts on...


but its the brushes that are annoying me now :)


i've gone onto the brush menu and loaded the brush i want up, but it just keeps coming up as a normal brush! I don't know how to make it the brush i want!


Any ideas?

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Have you tried scolling down below the brushes as it puts the newly loaded brushes at the end of the current ones, unless you load the bruses and replace the preset ones there already.


That last link I gave you is a very useful resource.

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