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Switching From Movable Type To Wordpress


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I've finally decided to take the plunge and switch my blog from Movable Type 3.2 to WordPress. I haven't looked at anything Movable Type related in so long, and now that I want to make some changes, I can't remember how any of the code works and I have no desire to try and figure it out! So I figured starting fresh would be best.


My question is, I see that I can install WordPress using Fantastico in Cpanel (which seems awesome) - if I want to do this, but still have my Movable Type blog in place until I get everything running, will I mess up my Movable Type blog? Should I just install WordPress in an all new folder? Then once I have it set up like I want it, will I be able to switch the WordPress installation over to the root easily?



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It probably won't work to have MT and WP in the same directory. But you can install WP into a subdirectory and move it later, when you're ready to ditch MT. Moving WP can be quite daunting for some people, but it's definitely possible. To move within a domain:


1. Backup your database. (The WP-DB-Backup plugin works great for this.)


2. Deactivate all plugins.


3. Move the files from the original location to the new location. (Using cPanel's file manager will make quick work of this.)


4. Use phpMyAdmin to change two database entries: "siteurl" and "home," both in the wp_options table. You should of course change these values to whatever is appropriate to the new location.


And that's it. Usually this task is simple and smooth.


Usually. :)

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