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After I posted back in April about Kana Reminder, I've discovered a variety of more wonderful and awesome programs.

First, I stopped using kana Reminder, since it doesn't have an option to stop alarms during night. Because, when you start in the morning, they start poping-up. So I found two: Kirby Alarm and Chaos Manager.

Kirby Alarm has all possible options you can imagine, plus an option not to have alarms between certain hours. Free.

Chaos Manager is like a mini Outlook, with a calendar, notes, appointments and other cool and neat features. Free.

RSS reader - Snarfer. Fast, easy and simple.

Now people, if you don't use Opera, then you miss a totally awesome browser. Really, it's the best browser - fast, very pleasant design, a very excellent email client with spam filter. Try it, you'll never want to use nor FF nor IE.

If you have a lot of mp3 music and pictures, MediaMonkey is a great tool. It catalogues all your stuff according to artists, a song...etc. Plus you can burn a CD there. Free.

Now to the best of all discoveries. If you are looking for a very rich WYSIWYG to build websites, I found this one: WYSIWYG Web Builder. It's not free, but it's worth all $30 the creator wants. tons of superb features, java scripts ready to use, etc.

It's by www.PabloSoftwareSolutions.com

He also has another excellent free tool - Pablo Kommander. It's like Total Commander or Free Commander. Nice, clean interface.


That's all for now. If somebody is looking for anything, ask here. I'll try to help. :)

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