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Does anyone here use BlogDesk to write off-line and then upload to their WordPress blog?


I am having problems getting my BlogDesk configured so that it will talk to my blog. The main problem seems to be that it doesn't recognize my account and password, which I assume is the same as my cpanel account name and password. Does that sound right?




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That's a pretty slick piece of software. Thanks for posting. Sort of like Windows Live Writer only not M$. :)


I tried BlogDesk and liked it - expect every time I started it or posted with it I got asked for my MS Office installation CD. I haven't used Office in years (use Open Office) and have no idea where the disk is, so I ended up deleting it.


Too bad - I liked it better than Live Writer (which I'm using now).


Interestingly, when I try to upload images from LiveWriter using my WP blog's uploading function (not using ftp), I get a 406 "no allowed" error. Is there anyway around this? I'm using the ftp option now, but preferred the other way (which I could have sworn worked a couple times).



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