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Good Webmail Client?


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Greetings, all.


I've had a copy of SquirrelMail inside my website for years now. I don't use the domain.com/webmail provided by TCH because I use some custom plugins and the TCH version doesn't blend into my site very well. This setup has worked quite well for awhile but I'm looking for a better solution than SquirrelMail. It may be stable but it hasn't changed much in years, still uses pre-CSS formatting, and doesn't show any sign it's going to change anytime soon. I've looked around but can't find another webmail client that I can simply drop into my TCH account. I've tried out RoundCube, which is a slick solution, but it's kinda slow and, as a beta, is still lacking much functionality.


Does anyone else know of a better alternative to SquirrelMail?

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