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Sub-domain What Is It And How Do You Create One

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I have a pirate living history website. If I wanted to allow other pirate groups to have a little place on the web UNDER my site (where they have seperate access to it without giving them the keys to "my car"), is that a sub domain?


If so, how do I create it?


If not, what is it that I would need to do to "create" an independent subsection?







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A subdomain is generally not independent from the domain, from the perspective if your files etc, it's like a folder (directory) within your space. From the visiting users viewpoint it would be 18c.gentlemenoffortune.com and 19c.gentlemenoffortune.com for example to cover the 18th and 19th centuries of pirates.


In terms of giving limited access. You could give an FTP account that would only see their folder. (So you would create an FTP account just for 18c for example).


You could of course do exactly the same using gentlemenoffortune.com/18c and gentlemenoffortune.com/19c.


To create it as a subdomain, simply log into your cpanel, and go to the icon "subdomain" type in the name you want - and press Add.

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When you create the sub domain the default user is the same as the folder

I like to change it to something else for added security

Example for sub domain flower I would change the user to rose55

the the user would log in the ftp program as


user: rose55@domainname

password: ******

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