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Site Statistics Question

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Hi all,


I have a question: where can I view the statistics for my site's visitors that will show me their Screen Resolution, Color Depth, and JavaScript info? (or am I the only one who'd want to see this? Nerd )






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I wouldn't mind seeing that also, I have that on my other hosting provider. They have a lot of goodies, especially for cfm stuff. But unlike TCH I pay a pretty penny for all the extra goodies involving CFM and Streaming video support features.


I love TCH! Rock Sign


But I would like to see those things to if at all possible. I'm not complaing TCH, I'm just saying it would be a nice addon to the already abundantly overflowing bag of goodies TCH offers. :P




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Oh well, not a big deal to me. I know what people are using out there for the most part. I also test my pages using netscape 4.7, 6.1 + and MSIE 5.0 +. These normally cover everyone. I really need to try out Mozilla and a few others people are using, normally most of my sites have no problem as I code them with W3 standards now.


But that's what TCH forums are for, letting everyone else rifle through your site and find the bugs.....right? hehe


Screen resolutions are now 800x600 default on almost all computers so I don't even bother with anything much lower than that on my pages, unless it's a special need. I have several monitors and computers with different settings, video cards, and monitor resolutions so I can see what they'll look like for the most part. I don't know what Mac's screens look like as I don't own one yet. Maybe someday, maybe indeed.



Mav Rock Sign

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You have access to your raw logs and can dump those and then run programs like Analog (with Report Magic; both are free downloads) to get what you are after.


Analog Information


Report Magic Information

Thanks all!


dsdemmin, I will try what you suggest, a friend of mine pointed me to a perl script that could find this stuff... but that's too techy for me! :rolleyes:


Thanks again!


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You are welcome... this is what I used on all my sites for a long time.


I will be honest though, only used them once on sites that I moved here to Total Choice Hosting... have been content with awstats (I do occasionally look at the raw logs though).

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I believe that screen resolution has to be tracked with JavaScript.


It's been a while since I've played with that kind of stuff but it's something I have always wanted to do: a JS tracking script, to track screen resolution, installed plugins, etc, etc. I guess now it's a good time to start working on it :D


If I can come up with something usable, I'll make a post here in the forums with it. Perhaps then everyone can contribute to make it a nice script :)

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Thought you might find this useful:



Version : 5.6+


MiscTrackerUrl can be used to make AWStats able to detect some miscellanous

things, that can not be tracked on other way like:

- Screen size

- Screen color depth

- Java enabled

- Macromedia Director plugin

- Macromedia Shockwave plugin

- Realplayer G2 plugin

- QuickTime plugin

- Mediaplayer plugin

- Acrobat PDF plugin

To enable all this features, you must add the following HTML code at the end

of your index page (before </BODY>) :

<script language=javascript src="/js/awstats_misc_tracker.js"></script>

If code is not added in index page, all this detection capabilities will be

disabled. You must also check that ShowScreenSizeStats and ShowMiscStats

parameters are set to 1 to make results appear in report page.

If you change this parameter, you must also change the

awstatsmisctrackerurl variable into the awstats_misc_tracker.js file.

Change : Effective for new updates only.

Possible value: Name of javascript tracker file added in HTML code

Default: "/js/awstats_misc_tracker.js"




Hope it helps



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OK guys, since my time has not been enough to work on the JS tracking script, I decided to give the AWStats "misc." section another try.


I just made a directory named "js" on my /public_html directory and placed the awstats_misc_tracker.js file inside. Can't remember where I got the file from. I believe someone else poted it before.


Then, on my main page, I added this code to the end of the HTML, right before the </body> tag:

><script language="javascript" src="/js/awstats_misc_tracker.js">


The next day, when awstats had already updated the statistics, I went to my CPanel, clicked the AWStats link, navigated down to the "misc." section and there it was! I had some percentages on the table.


I must confess that it's rather disapointing, since the information is not that valuable... but it's better than nothing, I guess.


Let me know if it works for you.

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Thanks for the .js file, I'm gonna upload the .js file & the updated index tonight.


I will let everyone know if it works for me. Everyone is so helpful here, def feeling the love :hug:





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I have tried using the Aswtats MiscTrackerUrl and it worked fine for a while, but then I discovered that it caused me problems with my own cookies.


Cookies seem to be deleted. When I remove the piece of code that calls the javascript my cookies work fine.


Does anyone know how can I solve this problem?





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