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Another Case Of The 1016 Sql Error

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I'm on Server20


I just got the Error 145 or Error Code 1016 for the second time today on a different table than this morning.


Can you folks at TCH do whatever things you do to fix these problems? Thanks.


(My database is all backed up - so fire away ^_^ )



Oh - and I'm running InvisionBoard 1.1.2


I've heard that 1.2 is supposed to be better at this - but because some of the mods that I run aren't compatible with 1.2, I can't do that just yet.

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Ouch - another corrupt table today. But when I did the repair, I got this message:


>unknown_IBForum.ibf_members repair info Wrong block with wrong total length starting at 24260 
unknown_IBForum.ibf_members repair warning Number of rows changed from 142 to 141 
unknown_IBForum.ibf_members repair status OK

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