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Remote Access To Mysql


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I have been successfully using remote access (from desktop pc) to my database. From time to time, if there is a disruption in isp/or power, it becomes necessary to re-boot my cable modem, whereupon my isp re-assigns a new ip address. When this would happen, I would routinely update my access host information accordingly, in 'MySQL Account Maintenance' in cpanel, and carry on normally. This time I get a 'MySQL Error Number 1044'.


I am successfully connecting to the internet.


My website is successfully accessing the database via remote host.


What could the problem be?



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Error 1044 usually means you're not authenticating correctly, or you don't have permission to do something. I suggest re-creating your MySQL account in cPanel.


Also, make sure you've given the account access to whatever database it is you needed.


It ended up being a matter of deleting the user and re-creating it exactly as it was.


Thanks Mike.

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