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Different Alogrithms Of Wpa/wpa2

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I run a wireless LAN at home:

HP Deskjet 6800 Network printer (wired or wireless, currently running wireless)

Toshiba Satellite running Mandriva Linux 2007 w/Motorola WN825G Cardbus card

Desktop running XP Home w/Belkin wireless pci (BCM4306 chipset)

Desktop running Mandriva 2007 w/Belkin wireless pci (BCM4306 chipset)


My router (Linksys WRT54G) can do WPA Personal with either TKIP or AES algorithm, WPA2 Personal AES or TKIP+AES algorithm.

(It can also do WPA and WPA2 Enterprise, but that apparently requires a RADIUS server...dunno). Anyway, The WPA with TKIP algorithm appears to give my cards a much longer encryption key than AES and longer than WPA2 AES+TKIP. I used a fairly strong passphrase(?) (PSK) of 60 characters each time.


I recall reading somewhere that TKIP was susceptible to a weakness in Michael (have no idea what that is), but the longer encryption key it gives my cards makes me think it is more secure. Am I worried over nothing and WPA with TKIP algorithm is ok?

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Off topic: Do you use the Linksys firmware? If so, you might want to consider loading (another firmware I won't link to as I'm not sure if it's allowed). It provides WAY more configuration options than the manufacturer's settings.


Just trying to offer a suggestion, but you're probably ahead of me already.

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