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Hello fellow TCH-ers,


Just a quick note. I haven't been as active in the forums of late, in part because we were expecting a baby in our family. And that baby has arrived, and to our great surprise, it is a baby BOY!


The ultrasonographer at week 20 was certain it was a girl, and we've been planning accordingly. However, after my wife went into labor on Friday and had to do a c-section, we were in the operating room, and they pulled out the head first, and then the body. As they were carrying the baby over to the nursery side of the OR, I saw between the little legs, and I said, "Is that a BOY?" The doctor said, "Yep! It's a boy!" And I said, "Did you pull out the right baby? We're expecting a GIRL!"


Baby is doing okay, but not fantastic. He has an infection, and will continue to need antibiotics. He is having a hard time breathing, and his heart rate is being affected by his infection. The x-rays on his lungs showed a bit of infection in the corner of one of his lungs, but they are taking good care of him. He has to stay in the nursery; they won't even let him out to feed, so we have to head down to the nursery every couple of hours.


I was lucky enough to find a connection to the internet here in the hospital (Thank goodness for WiFi).


The baby boy's name is Nathaniel, which means "Gift from God." He truly is a gift from God. He is lucky to have lived through birth. Not so many years ago, and he probably wouldn't have made it. Even considering the marvels of modern medicine, if a couple of things hadn't gone just right, we could have been in big trouble. It turns out that the umbilical cord was not implanted in the placenta (which had calcified ). Instead, it had implanted in the membrane (bag of waters), and the last three or four inches of the cord wasn't protected by the jelly cord stuff like it was supposed to be; instead there were just the two arteries free-floating. I can't tell you how many ways that might have gone wrong, with potentially fatal consequences for both mom and baby (but especially baby).


So we are counting our blessings, recognizing how lucky and blessed we are to have a happy, mostly-healthy-baby boy.


Mom is doing well; she's tired, but recovering well.


Anyway, just wanted to share the news. Happy Holidays to all of you at TCH. I'll write back when I can.

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Congratulations, Paul and family!


Welcome, Baby Nathaniel, Gift from God!


Hope Baby and Mommy are both doing well. Please keep us posted, ok?

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Thanks everybody.


If you are interested, I'm writing a post for my blog. That is where I'll have the most updated information (link in sig, hosted by TCH). But I'll be sure to update this thread with some info too. :)


Here is a pic of the two of us:



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Well that was a big surprise I am sure. Boy Girl what's it matter as long as it has all the right parts and nothings missing. C-Sections are notorious for infections so don't be too concerned and by the look of the picture, babies doing fine.


I was a 6 week premie myself nearly 53 years ago and I survived which is what you were talking about, "not so long ago".


We knew we were having girls with both of them from the Ultrasound and really didn't mind at all, although yes one of each would have been good, but I sort of got one of each anyway as they are complete opposites of each other.


Nathaniel will continue to do well, don't forget the wife. She will need lots of support post op and you really do need to ensure she doesn't do anything strenuous for a few weeks. Also encourage her to do Pelvic Floor Excercises as well, it's an internal thing and she will thank you for it in years to come. Has to do with bladder control in later life.


Swith the red-eye facility on, on your camera. Nice Pic.

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