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Spam And More Spam And How To Delete!


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When I go into hoard using my account's login, and then go to the folder for my domain name, there is a directory for spam. Under that was another directory for spam - it had 833 messages in it dating back to 2004! I was told by someone there that instead of having to delete each page of emails (42 pages), I could just delete the folder. I did that and now I see that I have the same spams and the folder is back...


Isn't there some way to delete these from the server without it taking me an hour each month?



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No, whoever I had talked to before said to go into Horde using my account login and delete the folder there.


I'm assuming that the folder will regenerate? Or don't I need it? What will happen to all the spam?




Did you delete the folder through cPanel's File Manager? If so, open a ticket with the help desk and have the techs take a look.
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