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Change Web Hosts Not Email Provider


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I tried to address this issue more than a month ago, and a few times with a very experienced TCH user but could not get a resolution Head Bash , but now the situation is critical.


I build a site for my employer which is currently hosted with FDN (in Florida). The host offers only bare boned storage with no options available, can't run CGI scripts, no support, no forum, NOTHING! Yuck! We have now maxed out our size allocation. I have to take action quickly. I can either expand the quota, or move the site. Obviously I would like to move the site. I have been interested in TCH for some time now. Even bought a site of my own to test the waters here. Very satisfied on that side! Thumbs Up


The problem is with EMAIL and MX record.

Our emails are handled by our in-house Small Business Server. The server does not have a domain name, only an IP address. Currently FDN routes our emails to our unnamed server via IP address. TCH MX record does not support using an IP address and must have a domain name, hence the difficulty.


From FDN: "Basically, your domain name can be broken up into multiple records. MX for mail purposes and C Names for web traffic purposes. The C Name www currently points to our Web Server. The MX record is currently pointed to the mail server at your location.


When you change where the domain name points to through a registrar, the new company you're pointing to has to have these records already created for you. You may incur some downtime if their record is not correct or not created prior to pointing the domain name to them. You are not required to point the domain name as a whole to another company as long as you have DSL service with us. We can remain the DNS host and simply redirect the www traffic to this new provider if they allow it. In order to make this change we would only need the IP address of the new web server you'll be on. Check with your new hosting company to see if this is allowed."


1. Should I address this to the forum, or to a techsupport email address? I have the full MX record with IP addresses, etc but don't want to post it publically. I would be willing to send someone the email from FDN when I first started discussing this problem on May 27th.


2. Do I tell FDN to remain the DNS host and point to whichever server I am assigned to with TCH?


3. If that's the case, then I should not set up the MX record or any email boxes in the cpanel, correct?


4. As to emails, that means since they would be bypassing TCH altogether, they wouldn't count against bandwidth. (Need to know to help decide which account to purchase.)


5. When I set up a TCH account, is there anything I need to DO or NOT DO to avoid problems?


6. What exactly should I tell the registrar concerning our site since the site would be located on one server, but emails by the same domain name (lambertusa.com) would be located elsewhere?


7. Or maybe TCH is a bad fit for this account because of the email situation. Should I just expand the storage I have with FDN even though they haven't got even one bell, let alone whistles and give up on TCH for this account? :D


Please write slowly and clearly, just learning to read geek-speak. ;)

(Don't understand the behind, just work with the front side.)


Thank you.


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I did that under my personal user name and referenced my post here so I did not have to explain again. Also attached FDN's email as it might help.


You seem to be here 24 hours a day....are you real or system generated? :lol:


Looking forward to moving the site...



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Out of the office today, but will start the process later this week. Will take a while to re-publish and tweak before I can ask our domain to be moved, but I am hopeful that when the switch occurs, it will be as smooth as my personal site was. Kick Me


Lambert is a family owned business which deserves the kind of family treatment found here at TCH.


Hope the Head Guru wasn't offended by asking if he's computer generated but I feel the same way as this post: :)

you seem to be everywhere.... it never ceases to amaze me....


What happened to the little picture of TCH Rocks? Just noticed it's not one of the choices anymore... :(



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I saw the Sign guy.... Rock Sign


I meant the little square image of gray/brown pebbles (rocks) is missing now...


-Samantha :D

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WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woooot


TCH ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rock Sign


I signed up for our company site today and 13 minutes later I got my welcome email! Amazing!


Even faster than when I started my personal site. I am impressed Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up



Now, I need to know exactly what to tell FDN, Network Solutions, etc re the email situation so it does not get fouled up. Should I open a new ticket or reference the original ticket where I sent the details before?



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oops! didn't read the previous posts.


this does not apply in your situation :-(


Very first thing is to replicate the email addresses in cpanel on the TCH server. That way there will be a place for it to go as the domain name propogates.


Then make the name server changes with Netsol.



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