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Need Suggestions For Client


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I'm trying to find the best solution for a client who is an civil (electrical?) engineer who works with big power companies. He does his work in CAD programs, and needs to be able to EASILY (and I stress the word EASILY) create protected areas on his domain, to be kept completely separate and each passworded. One for each client. He needs to be able to upload very large (maybe 100mb or more) files into his client's areas, so they can then download them.


He gets confused easily, so I need to be able to outline a repeatable process for him in Cpanel that he can refer to each time he needs to create a client area, password it, and upload the files.


He doesn't actually want a website per se, just web space.


So my questions are:


What size server would accommodate such large files with the accompanying upload/download bandwidth needs? The files would not be staying on the server permanently, probably deleted after a month or two.


What would be the most straightforward way to do this? Setting up individual FPT users with username/passwords, or a subdomain (or add-on domain...I get confused which is which) for each client?


Thanks for your input....



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