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Google Checkout Requirements


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I have a zen cart store at TCH that I want to add the choice of Google checkout to someday, that is when all the bugs are worked out.


But does TCH provide the Google requirements below?


PHP3/PHP4/PHP5 with cURL(libcurl) installed and enabled




By the way, this forum would not accept my password "or" user name anymore. Had to register again with a new email.

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Thank you for your replies.


Actually it was the thread you reccomended that got me to ask my question. That is the following-


Our site that uses Curl for the credit card processing is now not working, and the TCH support that i've been in contact with says that it's now being removed from all servers due to security risks.


Its a bit of a strain on my mind to set up new mods and I wanted to make sure Google Checkout will work at TCH before I dig in.

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If I recall, certain ways to access the cURL function were turned off, most of the carts that require it can still access it. I have used several carts and merchants and have not had issue with them. I have not used Google Checkout before though so I cant say for 100% certainty that it will but I doubt that there are issues.

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Hello again,


It has taken awhile for Google Checkout to be usable, but looks near and I am interested in digging in.


Google requires certain SSL certificates to quilify. http://checkout.google.com/support/sell/bi...py?answer=57856


I have searched and can not find info if a shared cert will be a problem. The TCH cert is not any problem for the Paypal Checkout.


I know I could maybe get one off thier list, but what does TCH use for their shared certicate?



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I figured it out on my own................ thanks anyway.


















Ok, I will tell those who may have same question. Click on your browser's lock when you are on your secured url.

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