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Ok, here is the problem, I have a computer from a friend, when it boots up, all that shows up is the desktop image, no start button, no icons, I have found out that the explorer.exe is not loading/running....


so now I ask you, why, and how do I get it to startup...


doing a run, all that does is load the name for about 2 sec. then it disappears from the task manager...


I am going to do a google, but was wondering if anyone had this problem happen to them...



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Hi Jayson, yes I have fixed a PC or two that someone gave to me to fix that had this exact problem. Explorer.exe is the program that runs that sets up your desktop and without it you have a difficult time running your computer :wallbash:


The problem is with your registry and it being corrupted and to fix it you either replace it or edit out the bad data. In one computer there was a virus that wrote itself into the front of the registry and it needed to be edited out. In the other one I needed to replace the registry because of a bad spot on the disk.


Its been awhile now but let me browse around the web and see if I can find the instruction for fixing this type of problem again. I found it using google back then so I should be able to find it again. I am at work so give me a little time.

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