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Hello all... it's been a long time.


Every day I receive about 50 emails from various "post offices" telling me that emails which I never sent failed to arrive. Obviously someone is sending emails from my account. These failure notices come to various initials @ mydomian.com like ergyz@**** or xbeype@****. And they come in all different languages. I also receive several autoreplies per day from people these emails get sent to who are out of their offices.... people I never heard of and never sent anything to.


I know that last time I checked into this (a couple of years ago) I was told there is nothing that can be done about it. Is that still the case? Also, is this going to become a problem for me in terms of my real email account (me@****) getting blocked or anything like that? Is there anything I can or should be doing about this?


Thanks in advance for any help you can give...



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Thanks for the reply. I know spam blockers or setting my catchall to :fail will keep these failure notices out of my inbox and that is good, but it begs the question of how to stop the spoofing of my account or what to do about it so that my real email account (me @ ****) doesn't get blocked by major ISP's. Any ideas?

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You can't stop the spoofed emails I'm afraid. They don't go from our servers, and hence there is little that can be done.


Major ISP's are unlikely to block your real address - because there is so much spoofing on nowadays, they tend to look at the headers, and the IP address to determine where it really came from - not the "from" address.

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