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I have been tasked with developing a website for our business. I am HTML impaired. I have tried the three picture hosting choices offered by TCH using my personal website. My people aren't happy with the look of those. What they want is a simple page with some general info and some thumbnails visitors can click on to look at large pics of our finished products and projects.

I was looking at the stuff on the CoffeeCup website and was wondering if those things can be used here. I know that you get what you pay for but my budget is nil. Somehow, they've gotten the idea I can build one from scratch so that's what was budgeted. =(


I tried to get them to buy a copy of Front Page but "That's too much money" was what I was told. Is there any other software in the Cheep n' Cheerful rack that will work here?


I apologise if this is the wrong forum for this.





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The Nvu software Bruce recommended is a bit like Frontpage. But the biggest advantage...it's FREE! I have used the Coffee Cup software in the past, but wasn't too impressed with it. Put a small investment in a book called "HTML for Dummies". I have several of the "...for Dummies" books that I STILL refer to for information. They are easy to read and make the subject matter easy to understand and retain.


If all else fails, remember you have a large family here at TCH. We all had to start at the bottom at one time!

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