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Spam Management On My Tch Domain

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Yes, I was an idiot. At one point I put my email address on a forum and of couse it's now in the hands of spammers world wide. I was able to go back and remove the address from any souce I found but of course it's too late. I don't want to toss the address aside so I need some advice.


What spam management package does TCH have and are there any good tutorials on how to configure it? Are there any good third party (free) packages that we can install too?





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There is a good discussion about spam in this thread.


To summarize some of it:


Never give out your main email address, set up a forwarder to your main address if needed, then you can remove the forwarder if needed


Enable spamassassin in your cpanel


Use something like Poptray and K9 or Antispamservant to control the spam that spamassassin doesn´t catch. More about this in the thread I linked to above.

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im getting this too, the initial text is "yoda speak" something like "interested in toast and jam you were?" :clapping:


its all financial investment stuff, and coming though one of my addresses and also another tch one that i have not publicized! spam assassin is on too.

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Spam Assassin catches less and less spam due to the fact that spammers have figured out ways to beat it no matter how low you set your score for good emails.


I recommend that you install something client side to handle what Spam Assassin does not delete. I use AntiSpam Servant and it has served me well.

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